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App Development and The World of Marketing

You can be the greatest developer in the world, creating the most awesome program ever thought up. But you won’t get anywhere without marketing. No, it doesn’t seem great ideas are what sell in the real world. People like to have verification that something is good; they want confirmation from multiple sources. In my experience – visual appeal is far more important than actual quality (don’t quote me on this!). I mean, I have been known to purchase items solely based on the look of the container… Its just a human habit! We like things which give off a certain aura.

So how do you succeed in the app world? My firm belief is that true success stems from a mixture of proper advertising, interesting ideas, and absolute random chance. You gotta roll your 1D20 and hope for a crit on the first chance or you’re screwed. That being said – there are many avenues you can take to boost your chance for success.

  • Generate Buzz About Your Product.
  • Network Profusely!
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For A Review – That Is Why Those Sites Exist!
  • Get A Proper Website Made For Your Apps.


Your first order should always be to generate some kind of buzz about your app. Sign up for a twitter account, network with other developers, create a Facebook fan page, etc. The more places you mention your product – the higher it will be ranked in search results.


I highly recommend giving input to people (even if you don’t  know them)! The more you tweet (as long as its quality/helpful), the more you will be noticed. Twitter can be a fantastic networking tool and I highly recommend complete saturation because it helps distinguish yourself from people, can gather followers who will listen to you, and potentially be an excellent form of feedback between your apps and your users.


The next thing I would recommend has to do with those “review” sites. My friend and I had a little conversation about this topic, the focus being “who actually visits these pages?”. Well, apparently a lot of people!

After adding up the monthly visitors between a few of the top sites(A) I came to about 836,374 monthly hits. That’s a decent amount of potential exposure. By adding your app to these types of review sites you will be increasing SEO, increasing awareness, and networking with the right people. If you have an opportunity to get one of your apps reviewed – make that Priority-1!

Here is a quick list of some high-potential WP7 review sites:


Even if you make the video yourself – youtube can be a powerful marketing tool. I tend to upload a few tutorials here and there (B) though nothing major. Yet I found after uploading a few reviews for my newest WP7 apps – people were actually responding! I may have only gotten ~100 unique views but hey – it took about 5 minutes to make and can definitely be a good tool to raise awareness. Plus, this too will increase your SEO.


As you can see, this blog here serves multiple purposes. We have our apps on here and we have casual information. I would recommend against a blog-only solution and go with a proper, complete website. I actually have one myself for my own apps: (http://www.silverislandmedia.com) which seems to work out alright for my purposes. Blogs are great – but you really should have your own website. This will increase SEO, increase your distinguished look, and allow you to have a central place for all of your business-only related information.


My common theme so far has been SEO(C). Organic search results are where its at. SEO is free if you do it right and the reward for proper investment can be huge. Just remember: get your product name mentioned everywhere! If you made an app the goal is always for your product name to come up in the most generic of searches related to the category. I hope this has helped, feel free to give me feedback! I am always looking to improve 🙂


(A) http://www.onlinemarketingrant.com/free-iphone-app-marketing

(B) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ar5FN_6qFk

(C) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization

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