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Santa Bobble & Friends Plus

December 4, 2011 1 comment

See the new themes! Download for only 2.98 today!

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Zobble, the bobbling zombie Live Wallpaper for Android

January 9, 2011 Leave a comment

From the success of Santa Bobble Live Wallpaper, we decided people love bobble heads! So let the bobbling begin! Next up with have our newest and coolest bobble ever, Zobble. He is a great looking Zombie friend who hangs out in his deadly graveyard.

Besides just the cool bobble head interactive effects, Zobble also has cool raining blood! Enjoy!

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Santa Bobble Live Wallpaper

December 14, 2010 1 comment

One last live wallpaper before Christmas! This time, we engage the power of motion and bring you, “Santa Bobble” live wallpaper on Android!

Remember those little bobble head toys? Heck you might even have one! We all know they are fun and oh so amusing, so the thinking was, why not have one on your phone? And thus Santa Bobble was born!

Santa responds to 3D gestures. Right/left makes him shake his head, up/down makes him nod, closer/farther makes him bob his head forward like a pigeon. You can even rotate your phone and he tilts his head with you!

The snow is also animated and follows you as you rotate your phone!

This particular Santa character in the app is actually modeled after a real Santa bobble head toy. The style of this Santa is from a classic Christmas animated movie. Can you name is? Comment below if you know!

My personal favorite is to bobble santa to some hip hop or electronic music. Really fun stuff!

By the way this app is free so please enjoy it and let the bobbling begin!

Also, if you have an idea for another type of character that would make a good bobble, please let me know!

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Winter Dreams hits 50k downloads!

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Time to pop the cork! Thanks to all of our awesome fans, Winter Dreams finally hit 50k downloads! This puts it into the second to last highest download rank on the market. I never imagined such success when I released this live wallpaper, but the people have spoken and they love it.

To celebrate, I released an update giving the free and donation versions an awesome snow effect. Now the snow glows and looks much cooler.

So you might ask where to next? Well 250k of course! Let’s make it happen people!!! Start your downloads!

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Sweet Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper

December 8, 2010 5 comments

After we saw all the awesome feedback from Winter Dreams, we decided, why not continue the trend and make another and turn this thing into a series of cool Christmas wallpapers! Out came Sweet Winter Dreams. We knew we wanted a candy themed app, but that was not enough! Taking some of the whimsy winteriness (Safari says not a word! ;D) from Winter Dreams, and add elements of nostalgic childhood candy memories, we bring you Sweet Winter Dreams!

Candy falls from the sky along with snowflakes set on top of a twinkly starry night. When you scroll to the left, you see a happy snowman in the foreground. But let’s not forget, the center of the scene is Santa Claus and… well Mrs. Claus, I hope. They are enjoying a sweet Christmas kiss beneath the mistletoe on the candy cane arch. The candy canes blink and cast a warm red glow on their outfits.

This live wallpaper gives me a feel of romance and childhood Christmas spirit. If you decide you like us, support us and get the donation version. It has a few more types of candy (do cupcakes and cookies count as candy?) as well as settings to customize everything!

Some users have reported this live wallpaper to be a CPU hog, but I don’t think so. It takes around 70% which is pretty reasonable considering all of the Christmas bling in your eyes!

Enjoy the wallpaper and have a Merry Christmas!



Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper for Android

December 8, 2010 2 comments

Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper for Android puts you into the winter mood! With soft white snow falling, dark, crisp, cold blue skies, and a majestic enchanted white glowing tree set in the center of the wondrous scene. If you slide from desktop to desktop, you’ll notice the trees, stars, and snow fall parallax giving a wonderful 3D feel. The entire scene is set against a frosted wintery window.

With almost 50 thousand downloads in the market, Winter Dreams is quickly becoming an Android favorite.

If Winter Dreams is not enough for you, help support our development and get Winter Dreams Donation. It gives you access to tons of settings to control the scene. Select how much snow, stars you want, and customize other settings such as enabling lights and frosted window borders.

Thanks to our great fans, we now support landscape mode and Galaxy Tab devices!


For the geeks out there, we tried to make Winter Dreams easy on battery and CPU. It takes about 75% CPU on an HTC Evo. Despite popular opinion, the wallpaper only uses your battery and CPU when it is visible. When other apps are opened, or your phone is locked, it goes to sleep so no worries!

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