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Santa’s Journey

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys, I’ve uploaded another wintery Live Wallpaper! Check it out:

Watch a beautiful scenic view of a wintery backyard/forest as snow gently drifts down, a snowman waves, and Santa makes periodic visits dropping presents on the ground below! The donation version sports three amazing backgrounds to choose from, allowing you to fully customize this whimsical addition to your Live Wallpaper collections.


How To Make the Coolest Snow EVER in WP7/XNA: Part 1

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Alright, I wanted to get a programming article written up so I decided to publicize how I do snow in my app – Christmas Lyrics. Took me a long time to realize parametric sine/cosine functions were where its at! Using the method I describe, you will be able to easily include windy snow in any XNA-based app you create! 😀

The math I use can essentially be bubbled down to these two formulas:

ASin(X * B);

ACos(X * B);

MY frameworks generally consist of a base class called a “Renderable” and then a “Scene” which has a list of renderables and bubbles events like OnUpdate() and OnDraw() to each object in the list.

So you start out with a class, Snowflake : Renderable and it looks like this.

public class Snow : Renderable


    public Vector2 Position { get; set; }

    private Random r;

    private float scale { get; set; }

    private int iteration { get; set; }

    private int sign { get; set; }

    private int algo { get; set; }


    private float theX = 0;

    private float xCoef = 0;

    private float sineCoef = 0;

    private float speed = 0;

    public float alpha = 0;

The above code basically just gets us ready to use a single snowflake. How my system is designed is essentially like this; you generate an amount of these snowflake objects. Usually between 300 – 400 of them (the perf is surprisingly good) and then just let them take care of their own updating. Its a really simple system designed to abstract all the logic away from the main scenes and allow the objects themselves to process their own changes.

A lot of the variables are self explanatory. I create a Position variable for storing the snowflakes position, a Random for the random number, and so on. Most of the other variables are just used for the mathematics. What I do is generate a random function for each snowflake so they have a proper amount of variance between eachother. The rest of the variables simply define the function that the snowflake will be using.

Next we will create the heart of the snowflake – basically the OnLoad method which generates the random mathematical function that the snowflake will bind to.

public void Reset(int seed)


        //Generate a new random instance based on various information

        r = new Random((int)DateTime.Now.Ticks + seed * 500);

        //Randomize the alpha channel

        alpha = r.Next(140) + 115;

        //Give it a random speed

        speed = r.Next(5) + 1;

        //SineCoef is used in the mathematical function

        sineCoef = r.Next(5) + 1;

        //XCoef is also used in the math

        xCoef = r.Next(5) / 10 + 0.5f ;

        //theX Basically keeps track of time.

        theX = 0;

The two odd variables are sineCoef and xCoef. You can relate them back to the mathematical function at the top by replacing A with sineCoef and B with xCoef. These are simply the modifiers for the function that give it variety.

The next code-block sums up the “Reset” function by randomizing scale, setting a random starting X position, and choosing whether to use sine or cosine.

        if (r.Next(2) == 0)

            scale = (speed / 10) + 0.3f;//5.0f/((float)r.Next(10) + 5);


            scale = 5.0f / ((float)(r.Next(10) + 5));

        Position = new Vector2(r.Next(350) + (50 * seed), -10);

        if (scale > .8f)

            alpha = 255;

        algo = r.Next(2);

        if (r.Next(2) == 1)

            sign = -1;


            sign = 1;


The only thing of note in that code block is the algo variable which is what determins which algorithm to use (sine or cosine). Additionally, you will notice that I randomly set the scale using two different methods. One of them is a pure random size while the other one adjusts the size based on the speed of the snowflake. This trick gives it a sort of paralax/layering feel by making slower snowflakes appear larger. But the ones that do not adhere to that scale tend to look like random wind gusts. So it works out pretty well.

Next up I simply define the constructor for my snowflake and tell it to reset the snow. I allow the user to pass in a “Seed” which it uses to give a nice randomness about each snowflake. I realized without this feature – they tend to clump together when first created so I tried to play around with methods to randomly reset them.

    public Snow(int seed)




    public Snow() : this(0) { }

Next I create a public method called “GetScale”. In retrospect I should have just used the smooth .NET 4.0 syntax when defining the variable at the top but this is, at the end of the day, a learning project. So I will keep it in its original form 🙂

    public float GetScale()


        return scale;


The very last part of my snowflake class is the OnUpdate function which gets run every gameloop in the Update() method call. A relatively simple method which just uses the mathematical information we generated to reposition the snowflake over time.

    public void Update()



        theX += 0.1f;

        float x = 0;

        float y = speed;

        if (algo == 0)

            x = sineCoef * (float)Math.Sin(theX * xCoef);// 0.01f;


            x = sineCoef * (float)Math.Cos(theX * xCoef);

        Position += new Vector2(x * sign,y);




Essentially I use a vector-like system based off the sine/cosine functions to determin how far in one direction to update the snowflakes position.

That is it for Part-1! The next section will show how to implement the snowflake class into a “Scene” and I will describe my framework in a little more detail. I hope this has helped give you ideas for snow of your own. If you wish I can also upload my finished code for the world to use because honestly – this generates some really awesome snow and I would love to see my code be put to good use!

If you want to see the snowfall in action check out my app, ChristmasLyrics (There is a free trial which demonstrates this method of snowfall)

Christmas Lyrics Download

Sweet Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper

December 8, 2010 5 comments

After we saw all the awesome feedback from Winter Dreams, we decided, why not continue the trend and make another and turn this thing into a series of cool Christmas wallpapers! Out came Sweet Winter Dreams. We knew we wanted a candy themed app, but that was not enough! Taking some of the whimsy winteriness (Safari says not a word! ;D) from Winter Dreams, and add elements of nostalgic childhood candy memories, we bring you Sweet Winter Dreams!

Candy falls from the sky along with snowflakes set on top of a twinkly starry night. When you scroll to the left, you see a happy snowman in the foreground. But let’s not forget, the center of the scene is Santa Claus and… well Mrs. Claus, I hope. They are enjoying a sweet Christmas kiss beneath the mistletoe on the candy cane arch. The candy canes blink and cast a warm red glow on their outfits.

This live wallpaper gives me a feel of romance and childhood Christmas spirit. If you decide you like us, support us and get the donation version. It has a few more types of candy (do cupcakes and cookies count as candy?) as well as settings to customize everything!

Some users have reported this live wallpaper to be a CPU hog, but I don’t think so. It takes around 70% which is pretty reasonable considering all of the Christmas bling in your eyes!

Enjoy the wallpaper and have a Merry Christmas!



Christmas Lyrics App for Windows Phone 7

December 8, 2010 2 comments

Christmas Lyrics promotes healthy caroling by providing an extensive database of over 20 Christmas songs for you to look through! Never again shall you be caught mumbling the words to some of the top Christmas songs this holiday season. This app features a smooth interface, fun background, and fantastic selection of songs to keep you entertained throughout this festive month.

Christmas Lyrics was the first app I created for the windows phone 7 Marketplace. I thought it would be a good choice because of the upcoming holidays and decided to finish it in a matter of days. It is currently ranked as the top 29th sold app in the entire entertainment section and I hope to see its position grow as we approach Christmas Day!

Christmas Lyrics has been reviewed by a number of other sites too! Check out what other people are saying.

App Review By 1800PocketPC

App Review By PR4

Youtube Video I Made

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Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper for Android

December 8, 2010 2 comments

Winter Dreams Live Wallpaper for Android puts you into the winter mood! With soft white snow falling, dark, crisp, cold blue skies, and a majestic enchanted white glowing tree set in the center of the wondrous scene. If you slide from desktop to desktop, you’ll notice the trees, stars, and snow fall parallax giving a wonderful 3D feel. The entire scene is set against a frosted wintery window.

With almost 50 thousand downloads in the market, Winter Dreams is quickly becoming an Android favorite.

If Winter Dreams is not enough for you, help support our development and get Winter Dreams Donation. It gives you access to tons of settings to control the scene. Select how much snow, stars you want, and customize other settings such as enabling lights and frosted window borders.

Thanks to our great fans, we now support landscape mode and Galaxy Tab devices!


For the geeks out there, we tried to make Winter Dreams easy on battery and CPU. It takes about 75% CPU on an HTC Evo. Despite popular opinion, the wallpaper only uses your battery and CPU when it is visible. When other apps are opened, or your phone is locked, it goes to sleep so no worries!

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